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Guide to Dgroups Basics

1. Logging in to your groups

  1. If you are already receiving messages by email, this means you already have an account and are subscribed to one or more groups.
  2. Go to and click on the Log In link in the upper right corner:
  3. Enter your email and password
  4. Visit any (or any  groups you belong to)
  5. You can participate in groups just by using your email.

      By default, you receive a new email message every time a group member posts to the group.

      The message from a groups will have the group name in square brackets in the subject line, to easily identify the group the message comes from

      The sender of the email will be the group email address

      When you reply to a message in your email, by default the reply will go to the group - and not to the sender.

      Usually, groups are moderated - so replies and new messages will be circulated after a moderator has approved them.

Via the group online

When you are logged in onto groups, you can read and reply to messages from your groups online space:

      Log in to your group online and visit the Messages page.

      Click on the message title to open the conversation - messages will be displayed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent on top.

      At the bottom of each message, you have Reply button


4. Viewing groups you are a member of

      To view all groups you are a member of, you need to log in on the website as explained above.

      Once you are logged in, you see the Your Groups button on the top of the screen.

      Click on the button to display the list of groups you belong to.

      Click on the name of the group you want to view

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5. Joining other groups

Besides the groups you already are a member of, there may be other groups that have been created and are of interest to you.

      Go go the list of subgroups from the homepage - or following the link

      The list groups that you can join is displayed.

      Click on the group name; the group homepage will open.

      At the bottom of the page, click to apply for membership. Your request will have to be approved by the group moderator(s).

      Note: in some cases, groups are open so you will be able to join directly without having to be approved by a moderator.

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Detailed how-to guides

Editing your account and preferences

      Go to (or any  groups you belong to)

      In the upper right corner, click on your name and the on Account

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Your account page displays these options:

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      To change your email address and your password; to add Email aliases.

      Preferences for YOUR account

      Time zone, date format, editor preference on the website, receiving your own posts by email


      To set up 2-factor authentication


      Your profile. See details below.

      Other Services

      oauth logins, if any

      Recent Bounces

      To view history of recent messages that may have bounced.

Editing your profile (Identity)

      On the Account >> Identity page, you can set up and edit your profile.

      You can edit your overall Account Profile and the profile for each group you belong to.

      To edit your Account or Group profiles, click on the relevant Edit button

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      You will then be able to:

      Add a picture

      Set your user and display name

      Set your profile privacy (Who can see your profile information)

      Add your bio, location, and website

Note: if you do not set up individual profiles for the groups you belong to, information from your Account Profile will be used for each of the groups you belong to.

Changing your subscription options

You have several options to control how much email to receive from your To change your subscription, go the Subscription page of the various groups you belong to.

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From this page, you can access the following subscription options:

      Email delivery - options control how you wish to receive group emails

      Signature - to apply a group-specific signature line to messages you post.

      Advanced preferences - options to filter the message posts that you will receive

To know more about email delivery, signature, and advanced options, click here.

Muting and following topics

You can limit the number of group message postings sent to your email. There are two options for this:

      Receive messages in all topics except those you mute.

      Only receive messages in those topics that you follow.

To know more about muting and following, click here

Using ogroup web features

When logging in to your groups online, you’ll also have access to the additional web features.

These features will only display if they have been enabled by the group manager/owner.

Group members ability to create new content using the web features vs to view content created by group moderators will also depend on the individual group settings.




      Directory and members list

      Calendar and RSVP