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Nisha Singh

Dear Colleagues.

Thank you so much for your contributions to this discussion on the role of social norms in women's financial inclusion, over the past 3 days. We've had some very thoughtful discussion on key issues and challenges in addressing normative barrier to women's financial inclusion.We've heard same great examples both from other sectors and our own, and learnt about tools and strategies that are showing promise. I also realize that there is a lot more we could discuss and learn from.

Therefore, instead of closing this conversation  here today, I'm going to leave this space open for another week to allow anyone who is interested to read everything shared so far, comment on it and maybe share their own work, tools, resources and questions.At the end of next week, this space will be closed and we synthesize the discussion to move forward with our learning agenda on social norms and women's financial inclusion.

Let the conversation continue!


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