moderated Could behavioral insights and better design help? #ediscussionday2

Nisha Singh

A growing number of studies in the field of behavioral science are examining factors that influence financial decisions. A recent publication from IDRC -‘What can behavioral science tell us about the financial decisions of women? provides a very useful synthesis of such insights. When financial service providers and organizations focus on client behavior and apply behavioral insights, they can develop better products and solution.

I am glad that Fiona brought up the GRID Impact example from Pakistan. The solution was designed using a Human Centered Design (HCD) approach, which is rooted in developing a deep understanding of user preferences.  The discussion over the past day and half as well as several recent studies highlight how very few products offering in the current market really meet the needs of women. We understand that women and men use financial services differently but translating these differences in preference (often driven by underlying norms) into good design has been a challenge.

It would be great to hear about additional examples product design innovations that use a behavioral lens to increase the uptake and use of financial services by women.


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