Social Norms and Financial Inclusion e-discussion

How Do Social Norms Impact Women’s Financial Inclusion and How Can They Be Shifted to Promote Inclusion?

 There is a growing body of research that explores the role of gendered social norms and institutions in shaping women’s financial inclusion and outcomes. Social norms affect women’s access and use of financial services. Norms overlap with a variety of micro, meso, and macro processes, and they have the potential to explain several divergent outcomes for women where the expected benefits from financial inclusion efforts have not accrued as intended. A greater focus on how gendered social norms affect preferences and potentially ascribe freedoms, enhance or inhibit bargaining, or even affect the supply-side dimensions of product offerings and client recruitment would be helpful. To this end, FinEquity is hosting an online discussion with the following objectives:

  • Define Social Norms that affect financial inclusion and develop a common vocabulary.
  • Understand how and when social norms intersect with women’s financial inclusion pathways.
  •  Identify the drivers and pathways of social norms change.
  • Map out challenges in changing norms and evidence gaps.

Join the Social Norms Working Group of FinEquity for this online discussion facilitated by leading researchers and practitioners from the financial inclusion community as well as health and women’s economic empowerment communities, to understand how social norms affect women’s financial inclusion and how different actors can address them to promote inclusion.

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