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 Guides, frameworks, and indexes related to measuring WEE 

Understanding and Measuring Women's Economic EmpowermentICRW

A conceptual guide for practitioners, researchers & donors to design effective measurable interventions to advance women economically. 

A practical guide to measuring Women's and Girls' Empowerment in Impact Evaluations, J-PAL

This comprehensive guide is designed to support the work of monitoring and evaluation practitioners, researchers, and students who are interested in learning how to measure women’s and girls’ empowerment in an impact evaluation. Includes approaches for developing theories of change, survey instruments related to WEE, and examples of other relevant qualitative and quantitative research tools.

Women's Empowerment and Savings Groups, Monitoring and Results Measurement Toolkit, The SEEP Network

A comprehensive toolkit that includes guidance on developing theories of change, on selecting indicators and measurement tools, on data segmentation and analysis, and resources for design and results measurement.

Monitoring and Evaluation Guidelines for WEE Programs, UN Foundation and Exxon Mobil

These guidelines describe the role of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in programs to empower women economically. The primary audience for the guidelines are implementers and funders of women’s economic empowerment (WEE) programs.

Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI), IFPRI

A set of tools to measure the empowerment, agency, and inclusion of women in the agriculture sector. 

A "How to" Guide to Measuring Women's Empowerment, Oxfam

Practical guide on experiences & lessons learnt to support evaluators and practitioners working on WEE. Best used for evaluation purposes, it also has a potential application in monitoring processes.

Women's Economic Empowerment & Equality (WE3) Dashboard, USAID

A visual and interactive tool that provides a quick assessment of women’s inclusion in the economy, showcasing the extent to which women have attained economic, social, and political empowerment. Users can explore a country's performance on women's economic empowerment; view and download supporting documents (i.e. methodology and indicators); customize a comparison table with countries, regions, sub-region, and income groups; download the entire dataset used to populate the Dashboard and its metadata

Measuring Women's Economic Empowerment Framework and Indicators, IPSOS

A framework that provides a flexible and comprehensive basis for conceptualization of WEE in the specific circumstances of an intervention under observation. Includes a link to a comprehensive list of indicators.

Gender Performance Indicators, Women's World Banking

Indicators for financial institutions to analyze and measure how well they are serving women and how these women clients contribute to the financial goals and social mission of the organization.

The WEAMS Framework - Women’s Empowerment And Markets Systems, BEAM Exchange

Concepts, practical guidance and tools for practitioners, policy makers, donors and other stakeholders working on mainstreaming women’s empowerment into market systems.