Welcome to the new Data & Measurement WG of FinEquity

Diana Dezso

Dear all,


Welcome of the new Data & Measurement discussion platform. This new platform offers a host of new features including a better file sharing system, calendar and a poll feature.


As you get used to the new platform, you can still continue to interact from your mailbox. To send, or reply to messages, please send them to: finequity.data@...



You can also visit the  group online, start reading messages and posting them here: https://uncdf.dgroups.io/g/finequity.data/post.


When you login for the first time you can use the "email me a link to login" button on the group Login page. Once you login, you can update your subscription settings here https://uncdf.dgroups.io/g/finequity.data/editsub. You can opt to receive: all messages in individual emails, collections of messages in a digest, a daily summary, or only special notices.

If you do not wish to belong to this group, you may unsubscribe by sending an email to:

If you encounter any problems, please send a message to ddezso@...



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Diana Dezso 
Data and Measurement WorkingGroup Lead
1825 I Street, NW, 7th Floor  
Washington, DC 20006, USA