Re: e-MFP European Microfinance Week next month?

Chris Czerwonka

Hi Gemma... I know the submissions for Action Group Day sessions had originally closed a while back, but if it's still possible to arrange one on Refugee Finance I think it would still be very much worthwhile – and it sounds like we'd definitely have interest among the group!

On Thu, Oct 31, 2019 at 03:19 PM, Gemma Cavaliere wrote:
Hello everybody, 
If some of you planning to attend the European Microfinance Week would like to exchange on the topic of Refugee Finance while in Luxembourg, we can still arrange a room during the Action Group Day (20/10/2019). Please get in touch if interested ;)

Also, you may want to attend the session on the Refugee Finance on Friday 22nd, "Serving the dispossessed: Finance for displaced populations and refugees".

Looking forward to greeting you in Luxembourg!!


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